L54’s beeline it across Haro Strait

Port Angeles


 Harbor seals on Ediz Hook
L54 Matriline
L88 and L84
Breaches, cartwheels and porpoising

L88 Wavewalker

L54 Ino

L117 Keta

L88 Wavewalker

L108 Coho & L54 Ino

L84 Nyssa

L108 Coho

L88 Wavewalker

L88 Wavewalker

L117 Keta

L117 Keta & L88 Wavewalker

L117 Keta & L88 Wavewalker

L54 Ino,L108 Coho and L88 Wavewalker

splashdown after a breach Wavewalker

L88 Wavewalker

L88 Wavewalker

L88 Wavewalker fishing

Our day started off pleasant enough with the sun shining and a slight breeze. As we ambled out of the harbor we took in all the sights of Ediz Hook while admiring the Olympics with no cloud cover. Lots of birds including common murres,glaucous winged gulls and heermans gulls were searching out their breakfast. Rounding Ediz hook we could see some harbor seals in the water  and as we continued a group appeared on the beach sunning themselves in the fall sun. We angled out to the northwest  hoping to find some humpback whales that had been reported west of race rocks. We found harbor porpoise along the way busy  looking for food. Hurricane Ridge was making an appearance  in the Elwha River Valley, snowy peaks showing up against a blue sky. While searching for the humpbacks a call came in about resident orcas near Trial Island  so we about faced and headed east to catch up to them. We had some great looks at Race Rocks Lighthouse and the shores of Vancouver Island including Victoria the capital of British Columbia. We passed by Trial Island Lighthouse standing at 42 feet. As we got closer to Haro Stait we could see Discovery Island Lighthouse on Discovery Island also known as Seabird Point. And then they were there…black dorsal fins popping up out of the water. At first they just leisurely cruised along allowing us to get ID’s  of 23 year old L88 Wavewalker and his companion 26 year old L84 Nyssa. Both these big boys are the last of their family matrilines and have been frequent companions with the L54 matriline. Wavewalker took us all by surprise with a couple of huge  cartwheels or tail throws not far from the boat.  We watched 39 year old L54 Ino as she lead her family across Haro Strait towards San Juan Island. Her two sons L108 10 year old  Coho and L117 6 year old keta seemed to be having a grand time with Wavewalker and Nyssa. Keta even mimicked Wavewalkers cartwheel with one of his own right after Wavewalker let fly with a huge one.Right after that the whole family took off with a purpose in mind porpoising all the way across the straits finally slowing down and spreading out  to do a little fishing. Wavewalker seemed to be chasing down a salmon not far from us and we watched as he zigged and zagged putting on displays of speed. As an added bonus he even breached for us off our port side. It was an an amazing sight to behold. A little later Keta let go with a couple of breaches of his own showing he could keep up with the big boys. As time ran out for us we said our goodbyes to this exciting little family and made our way back across  the Straits of Juan de Fuca. Our timing was excellent as the wind was kicking up and the water was getting choppy. Everyone had a great time arriving back at the dock safe and sound and full of Kylee’s delicious food.


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