Pacific white-sided dolphins steal the show! And two humpbacks!

10AM Highlights
-Harbor seals
-Harbor porpoise
-Animals of Spieden Island
-Two humpback whales in Canada
-Steller sea lions
-Red tail hawk
-Pacific white-sided dolphins! 

We left on our trip today and headed out toward Rosario Strait where we encountered a little bit of fog. We swung by Pointer Island and spotted a few harbor seals hauled out. That is also where the fog broke. We headed inner island out toward Haro Strait. We encountered some harbor porpoise on our trip. We cruised along the Spieden Island shoreline were we found several turkey vultures, a few fallow deer and even a sika deer! We made our way to Canada and it was there we found two humpback whales! They were swimming side by side! One of them fluked for us multiple times, but, we were able to identify the one that only fluked once! It was BCZ0338 – had to break out the extremely old ID guide for this guy! We spent a lot of quality time with them and had some great looks! Eventually, as the fog cleared to the south, we headed off in search of other animals. At Whale Rocks, we spotted several Steller sea lions hauled out enjoying the sun. On Long Island, sharp-eyed Captain Scott found us a bird of prey perched in a tree. Eli immediately knew it was a red tail hawk! Great eyes and great ID’ing! We continued to cruise home. In Rosario Strait, we had our most exciting encounter of the day! We came across a little group of three Pacific white-sided dolphins! They came over and leapt from the water in amazing acrobatic displays! They proceeded to ride our bow wake for five miles! It was incredible! They took us in the direction of home port! It was a wonderful way to cap of an incredible day packed full of wildlife! 

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