K and L pods play in the sun

Anacortes am
*K and L pod orcas play
*Lots of spyhops, and breaches
*A minke whale feeds at a bait ball

We had a fantastic trip today with K and L pods as they played around for most of the trip!  We started out watching K16, Opus, and her son K35, Sonata, swimming together.  Next we spotted a big group of orcas swimming together, being playful, in the distance, so we cruised up to check them out. It was a big mix of K and L pods.  We spotted K22, Sekiu, K33, Tika, and L85, Mystery, mixing it up with a handful of other orcas.  The L55 subpod swam over toward us and gave us an amazing show for the rest of our visit!  They spyhopped over and over again, and we also saw plenty of breaches, tailslaps, and orcas rolling around together!  We saw plenty of activity from L103, Lapis, and her little calf, L123, who was born just last year!  We spotted other orcas off in the distance, but our close-up group was by far the most playful!  Before we reached the orcas today we also found a minke whale feeding at a bait ball.  We also found an abundance of Steller sea lions, and harbor seals too.  A handful of harbor seals were feeding on the same baitfish the minke whale fed on!  What an awesome trip!  Naturalist Bart Rulon

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