While in Canada….

Port Angeles

T069D orcas along the shores of Vancouver island
Humpback mom and calf
Lots of Stellar and California sea lions
Rains held off until the end

Naturalist log:

The day started of with partly cloudy skies and a light breeze blowing in out of the west. We left the marina and headed out along Ediz hook where we found a beach full of harbor seals. We got some great looks and noticed a few of the had just had a brush with predators as they had blood and gashes that looked quite fresh on their bodies. We headed north after that and found ourselves all the way up by Trial island light house. It was here that we found the T069D group of Biggs killer whales, or transients. We followed them along the shore and even enjoyed a close pass before we had to depart scene. Not long after leaving the orcas we found two humpbacks, a mom and a calf!!!!! They were slowly moving east and giving off great looks at mom’s tail. After a while the whales moved in close and gave us another close pass before continuing east toward San Jaun island. After that we headed to Race rocks where we got some amazing views of Steller and California sea lions. They were brawling and splashing around like crazy, one even breached a few times. With that our time was running short and so we headed back towards the dock, we passed a few Steller sea lions along the way an almost beat the rain back to the doc!!! It was a great trip with whales and plenty of wildlife!!!

photos- Lee Leddy

from Blogger http://ift.tt/2cqwTlX


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