L-pod off the West Side!

Anacortes am
*L-pod orcas today
*Lots of fishing action, and little L121, Windsong
*Steller sea lions, harbor seals, and two bald eagles
*Exotic wildlife on Spieden Island – mouflon sheep, and fallow deer

We watched L-pod orcas on our trip today on the west side of San Juan Island.  Along the way to get there we stopped at Pointer Island to check out some harbor seals, and we swung by Spieden Island to check out the mouflon sheep, and fallow deer resting in the fields.  We caught up with L-pod at the west side of San Juan Island, just north of Lime Kiln Park.  The first whale we spotted was L41, and he was followed up by another male, L85!  Then another male swam in, L89, with his mom L22.  This duo circled around and appeared to be chasing salmon!  Let’s hope they find plenty to eat!

Then L94 swam in with her calf from last year, L121!  L121 spent a lot of time breaching, and cartwheeling for us!  Next we pulled offshore and checked out L77 with her 4 year old daughter L119.  It sure looked like the orcas were finding plenty of salmon.  After saying goodbye to the whales we visited a few other wildlife spots – Whale Rocks to check out a bunch of Steller sea lions, Long Island where we spotted a bald eagle, and Swirl Island, where we found another bald eagle!  What a great trip!  Naturalist Bart Rulon

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