Whales to infinity and beyond!!!


Lots of harbor seals and Steller sea lions
Super pod of resident orcas!!!
Over 50 humpbacks with us even more surrounding in the distance
Got an up close look at some bull kelp
Sun came out and water gave off some speculation lighting

The day started off with little visibility, thick fog shrowded much of the Straights of Jaun de Fuca but the seas were calm and reports were fair. We left the harbor and began our search not far off of Ediz hook where a few of our guests spotted what was most likely a humpback whale. It did not surface again though and unfortunately was able to elude us. We headed west after that with some reports of what sounded like whale paradise. As we headed toward Otter point we passed 3 big Steller sea lions, out on their own, searching for breakfast. We got some quick looks but had to continue on to whale nirvana and so it was full steam ahead. Soon we were on scene with a super pod of resident orca whales. Group after group passed by the Island Explorer 4 as they headed east and soon they began swing Inc right past the boat!!! Groups of 6-8 whales swam right under the bow and off our stearn as if we weren’t even there, it was amazing!!! Orcas breeches and spy hopped all around slapping their fkukes and log rolling in the water. It was one of the most amazing experiences with whales I’ve ever had, but as all good things, this to had to end. We departed from the orcas and headed south where we found ourselves surrounded by humpback whales. Every where you looked there were blows and flukes in the air. Whales were passing us by next to the boat and we even got a simultaneous double fluke not far off the starboard side. There were whales in every direction as far as you could see, the most I’ve ever seen in my life. After one of the most amazing experiences we headed back toward Port angeles. Before to long we stopped and picked up a stalk of bull kelp to taste and exam. As you may guess it was salty and slightly less than edible. After that we continued home with blue skies above and glass calm seas all around. It was the absolute perfect trip and the thrill of a lifetime for not only our guests but our crew and myself as well.
Naturalist Tyson
Photos by Alethea Leddy

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