Resident Orcas take us to the San Juans/ Incoming Residents in PM

AM Trip

Harbor seals
Stellar Sea Lions
L41 Mega
L77 Matriline

Stellar Sea Lion with Spiny dogfish

L41 Mega

L41 Mega

red necked phalarope

Our day started with a young harbor seal greeting the guests at the dock. A fog enshrouded harbor made a harbor tour quite challenging. At the end of Ediz Hook harbor seals could be seen through a misty fog as they hauled out on the beach.Calls had come in about the resident orcas over by the San Juans  so with the west totally socked in fog we headed across the straits to the San Juans. We took out some time to check out some baitballs that had formed and then we were off.  not long into our trip we ran into another baitball surrounded by lots of birds  and we found 3-4 Stellar Sea Lions. One had caught a spiny dogfish and popped up next to the boat with it in his mouth!!!! eventually the fog thinned out as we got near the islands and we actually had good visibility. Peeking behind us we could see the fog bank along the Washington coast and billowy clouds piled up on the Olympic mountains.  In the distance we could see orcas spread out ,their dorsal fins popping up here and there. We headed over to a large male orca who turned out to be 39 year old  L41 Mega. We watched him for awhile and had L77  Matia  29 year old matriarch fishing near the boat. We had some amazing close passes and got to see alot of fishing activity. 21 year old  L94 Calypso was there with her young son L121 Windsong. With the sun now shining on us we enjoyed the view and the time we spent with the L Pod orcas.
Naturalist – Lee

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