Humpbacks in the AM/Orcas in the PM

9:30 AM Trip

Harbor Porpoise
Humpback MMX0006
BCY0057 Niagara
1 unidentified  Humpback
Race Rocks Lighthouse
Sea Lions and Harbor Seals

Blue skies and calm seas promised a good start to our day. Harbor seals peeked at us from their watery world as we headed along the harbor while common murres floated by. Salmon  jumped in the sea pens as we past by while bait balls formed  near the mouth of the hook, Rounding the point we saw lots of harbor seals hauled out warming  themselves in the morning sun.  Harbor porpoise  would pop out of the water here and there as we traveled on a northwesterly course. Our travels took us into Canada and Race Rocks ecological preserve where we got to see Race Rocks lighthouse up close. Stellar and California Sea Lions dotted the rocks growling and barking at one another. The silent harbor seals took the lower spots on the rocks. After traveling through Race Rocks we continued west where we came upon our first Humpback whale know as MMX0006 with a dark black fluke.Not far past Becher Bay we found a  pair of humpbacks with short dive times. Only one decided to show us his flukes and with that sighting he was identified as BCY0057 Niagara born in 2000. The third Humpback was what we like to call tail shy and never let us get a good look at his tail. We watched them feed and travel along until we had to return back to port.
Naturalist – Lee

3:30 PM Trip

Harbor Seals
Harbor Porpoise
Southern Resident Orcas near San Juan Island

 The calm seas held up throughout our evening trip and  we had some gorgeous weather out in the straits. Lots of seabirds were seen in the harbor and baitballs formed in the current line by the hook. Harbor seals and harbor porpoise were spotted as we headed north towards the San Juan Islands. A call had come in alerting us to resident orcas by San Juan  Island. It was a long ride there but well worth it . We were treated to some members of J Pod scattered about and fishing for salmon.We had J27 Blackberry doing some lunging and pouncing on salmon as smaller groups of orcas appeared all over with a few close passes by some of them.L87 Onyx came up in our stern and passed by closng before pursuing more fish.We had some real exciting moments when a pair of orcas decided to come towards the boat and came up right next to the boat.In true orca fashion they crossed under the boat and continued their journey and came up on the other side.A few times we had orcas on both sides of the boat never knowing where to look.As time started to run out we tried to leave only to be foiled by more orcas coming to the boat. Eventually they let us leave and we headed home to a beautiful sunset.
Naturalist – Lee

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