Orcas on the hunt and a minke from Anacortes!


10AM Highlights
-Harbor porpoise
-SUNSHINE! And no rain!
-Orcas hunting a harbor seal
-Minke whale

We left the dock this morning as the clouds parted and we enjoyed sunshine all day long! We spotted several harbor porpoise in the flat calm waters of Rosario Strait and the Strait of Juan de Fuca! We headed south past Smith Island and we came across some orcas! It was T69D with two other, younger whales. One of them was a calf! We don’t see these animals too often (I’ve only seen this family one other time in 10 years), so I’m not too sure who exactly the other animals are yet. We spent some time with these animals before we headed off to find another group further to the south. This group was the T60s (T60, T60C, T60E and T60F – T60D was further to the north with another animal, T2B). We watched as this group split and they were on the hunt! The two younger animals T60E and T60F were hunting a harbor seal! It was incredible! We watched as they circled the seal then mom must have called them back over to where she was and they started porpoising in that direction! Eventually, we had to head back toward home port, but not before Eli found us another species of whale! We caught a couple quick glimpses of a minke whale as we passed by on our way home! We continued to enjoy the sunshine and flat calm waters as we cruised back to Anacortes!

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