No Rain! Humpback and Orca Evening!


-Steller sea lion
-Harbor porpoise
-Humpback MMX0006
-T60 orca family

We left under what promised to be an incredibly wet and rainy evening trip, but the good ol’ Pacific Northwest weather… It didn’t rain on us (well just for a minute, but that was it)! We cruised by the Bird Rocks shoreline and spotted a Steller sea lion poising for us! We spotted several harbor porpoise throughout our trip as well. A sharp-eyed passenger found the humpback whale from the morning trip; it was our good buddy MMX0006. We saw a couple of flukes and even a cartwheel! But, we had to cruise on. There were some animals that had made their way into our area and we had to get there! It ended up being our buddies the T60s! They were cruising to the west on the south side of the Strait of Juan de Fuca! We were actually right outside of Port Angeles! The sun broke through the clouds and we had an amazing time with the orcas as they swam at a steady pace. We spent a lot of quality time with them before we had to make the long trek back home, but it was beyond worth it for our double header: a humpback and orcas!

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