K13 and L55 Subpods All Day, Plus Minkes, and a Gray!

Anacortes pm
*Orcas in the K13 and K55 subpods 
*A Minke whale
*Harbor seals, harbor porpoise, a Columbian blacktail deer, and a bald eagle

We were headed straight out to look for the orcas on our second trip of the day, but we got stopped by a minke whale along the way!  After a few nice views we continued west to look at the same two subpods we spotted on the morning trip.  We watched the K13, and L55 subpods again.  At first we came across K34, and K38, two young males, swimming along with each other.  One of them appeared to be getting a bit frisky with the other judging by the picture you see posted above.  I’m going to leave that situation up to your imagination to explain.  
Ahem…..So…..we decided to peel away and take a look at a mom swimming with her calf next.  It was L103, and her little calf from 2015, L123!  They swam very consistently, with mom coming up and calf following her a split second behind, time after time!  Next we spotted the only big male of the day, K25, and we got lots of good views of him.  K20 came swimming by followed closely by her 12 year old son, K38.  The highlight of the whole day came next when K27, swam in with her son, K44.  K27 surprised us all with a huge breach!!!  Then she followed it up with another big breach!  What a perfect finale to a great trip!!!  

Anacortes am
*Orcas in the K13 and K55 subpods 
*A Minke whale
*A gray whale
*Triple header morning
*Harbor seals, harbor porpoise, Steller sea lions, and a bald eagle

Our morning trip started out with a big surprise when one of our passengers spotted a spout near Colville Island.  We took a look and it turned out to be a gray whale.  Gray whales are not very common this time of year, and it turned out to be a whale that we don’t normally see in the Salish Sea.  After looking at the gray for a while we aimed west and managed to find a minke whale within a few minutes of leaving the gray whale!  We knew orcas were nearby and we headed that way after a few good looks at the minke whale.  We spotted the leaders in the group of orcas heading southward, and it was the K13 and L55 subpods that we saw.  The highlight of the trip was watching several orcas swimming together southward in formation.  We did get to see K25, up close and got some good views of little, L123, one of our new calves from 2015.  What a great trip!  Naturalist Bart Rulon

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