L-pod Orcas and Minke Whales

Anacortes am
*L-pod Orcas offshore of San Juan Island
*Minke whales
*Harbor seals, harbor porpoise, and a bald eagle

We traveled out to the west side of San Juan Island today to watch L-pod orcas hunt for fish and play.  When we arrived they were quite spread out offshore, and the first orca we came across was L25, Ocean Sun, who was estimated to have been born in 1928!  She was swimming by herself, but within 400 yards L41, Mega, came swimming by too.  We got some great views of him as he swam along in a consistent pattern.

Next Capt. Mike spotted a nice group that was really bunched up and playful.  It was L77, Matia, L119, Joy,  L91, Muncher, and L122.  L119 and L122 were playing it up with each other, rolling around, lunging out of the water, and swimming sideways!  Soon after we arrived one of the moms came straight up out of the water in a big spyhop!  Later we watched a couple whales breach before we peeled off to look at more.  We cruised out to look at L85, Mystery, and then L92, Crewser, one right after another, for a nice orca finale.

On our way back toward the dock we managed to find two minke whales feeding just south of Cattle Pass.  Its a double header now!  Other wildlife we spotted today included lots of harbor seals, and harbor porpoise, a bald eagle, common murres, red-necked phalaropes, and a variety of cormorants.  What a nice day on the water!  Naturalist Bart Rulon

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