T Superpod in Canada!


Our trip from Anacortes today was awesome, with tons of wildlife and an amazing encounter with transient orcas! We saw harbor porpoise throughout the trip and slowed along Clements Reef to watch several dozen harbor seals hauled out on the rocks and a few Steller sea lions lounging in the waters. We had fog throughout the morning, but soon busted out of it and were on scene with killer whales! We had a huge gathering of whales to visit with today, including, the T65A’s, T99’s, T36’s, T37, and the T18’s. The visit with the orcas was amazing as we watched them cruise quickly at times and slow down at other times. At one point the whales split and the T99’s passed right next to our boat, with one of the whales spy-hopping right next to us! We last visited with the T65A’s and watched them pass a dozen or so lucky harbor porpoise unscathed. What a day!
-Michael Colahan

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