Humpback and resident orcas in the waves/ residents on the move

Port Angeles
9:30 AM Trip

unidentified humpback
Resident orcas all to ourselves

Waves and wind met us as we started our trip. We checked out the harbor seals hauled out on the log rafts and at Ediz Hook and all the birds.We made our way out into the straits and set a northeast course to  make the ride as smooth as possible.We haded out to thge rockpile where we found one humpback in travel mode. No flukes for us so we couldn’t get an ID on this guy but not far from him in he distant waves a black fin arose. Was it a mirage??? No it was orcas. Wow  what a surprise. We had some of Kpod and Jpod that we could identify as they were spread out in small groups traveling at a slow pace. We said goodbye to our humpback and and kept pace with our residents. As time ent on they seemed to group up and then slow down. We continued watching them for over two hours as they settled into a sleep mode  surfacing and breathing together in synchronization . We saw  a few til slaps and spyhops before they settled down for their nap. Eventually we passed them off to one of our canadian whale watch friends to enjoy  as we made our way back to the dock. For a windy day we had a great trip enjoying the compny of J17 Princess Angeline and her daughter J28 Polaris and their two calves J53 and J54.Also seen were J38 Cookie and his brothe J34 Doublestuff along with K20 Spock,K26 Lobo , K42 Kelp,K21 Cappucino and K35 Sonata.
Naturalist- Lee

Port Angeles

3:30 PM Trip

 resident  orcas  awaken from their slumber

With the seas still in turmoil we set our sights on getting out to our still sleeping resident orcas as they had not moved much  since we left them. We cruised through the harbor checking out  all the sights it had to offer along with some giant tankers one of which was being refueled. Amazingly enough as we headed out we found out our residents orcas were just beinning to wake up from their slumber of four and  a half hours!!!!!!. But the good news was they weren’t far away  and by the time we got there they were full of energy being all refreshed from their snooze. we settled in to keep our ride as smooth as possible and enjoy the orcas company. Wake up they did . The little ones were full of energy with lots of breaches and tails slaps. Time after time the orcas came over to check us out spyhopping over the waves to take a peek at us. It was exciting as we never knew where they would pop up or what they would be doing. Sometimes on our left and sometimes on our right with many a close pass.Once again we spent alot of quality time with them and as time moved on we eventually said goodby to members of J and K Pod and headed home with our search on for  humpback whales. Unfortunately they eluded us this evening as we made our way back to port and the shelter of Ediz Hook.

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