Orcas at the end!!!

Port Angeles    Am

4 humpbacks (including a mom and calf)
A lot of Stellers and California sea lions
Beautiful weather
T11 transient orcas

Naturalist log:

The day started off cooler than it has in weeks, with blue skies above and the sun pouring down over the Salish sea. After leaving the harbor we proceeded west toward the open ocean in search of animals. In no time at all one of our sharp eyed passengers spotted our first whale. It was definitely not an easy find as the whale wasn’t coming very high out of the water. We maneuvered on scene and found out we had not one humpback whale, but two. It was a mom and her calf and boy was that calf playful!!! It swam alongside the boat waving it’s pec fins and splashing about having one heck of a time!!! After over an hour watching these two beautiful whales we headed north  where we had a brief sighting with another humpback and then continued to Race rocks and were happy to find a plethora of California and Steller sea lions. Soon we began heading south again back toward the dock when Captain John found us another humpback!!! We had some great looks and continued in around the hook. Suddenly Justin came screaming across the p.a. system, he had found us orcas from inside the galley. It turned out to be T11 and T11a and we were able to spend a good 40 minutes with them as they swam down Ediz hook!!! It was and absolutely stunning and magnificent day out on the water!!!!

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