Double Header!!!

Port Angeles

3 different humpbacks
Large group of Jpod orcas
Lots of harbor porpoise
Steller sea lion on PA buoy

Naturalist log:

The day started out beautiful once again with the sun started my work early and getting things warmed up before 9am. We headed off the dock and out of the harbor into the Salish sea to begin our search. It wasn’t long before we came across our first whale, it was “Stitch” the humpback whale. After a brief show we departed scene with reports of east bound orca whales. As we raced toward the orcas we passed many groups of common murres as well as multiple pods of harbor porpoise. Soon we were on scene with Jpod orcas as they were majestically making their way east toward San Juan island. It wasn’t long before we had J2 Granny and L87 Onyx swimming right next to us. We were also joined by 2 of the new calves and Polaris as well as many others. It was a great show but after a while it was time to go so we again headed south toward home port. Just north of the PA marker buoy we encountered 2 more humpbacks, unfortunately we were not able to ID them. They put on a great show with close passes and lots of tail flukes. It was an amazing way to finish the trip. As we left the humpbacks we got to swing in and check out a Steller sea lion sleeping on the PA buoy before heading back in to the dock.

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