What a hump day!!!!

Port Angeles    Am

5 different humpback whales
A lot of harbor porpoises and harbor seals
Dozens of California and Stellar sea lions at Race rocks lighthouse
Perfect weather

Naturalist log:

As we headed out of Port Angeles this morning the weather was absolutely gorgeous. The skies were blue as far as you could see and the feeling of a hot day yet to come lingered in the air. We took a nice cruise down Ediz hook before turning north into the Salish sea in search of whales. It didn’t take to long before we were on scene with our first whale. It was a humpback and gave us only a few good looks but it’s longer down times had us searching for more, the search didn’t take long… Out past the traffic lanes a lone humpback began breaching and caught our eyes so we headed south to its position. Once on scene we quickly discovered there wasn’t just one whale but two!!! These whales gave us some great looks and another whale even popped up in the distance slowly swimming our direction.  After some great looks we turned west and went to visit Race rocks where we found dozens of seals and sea lions, their growls and barks filled the air along with a very unpleasant smell. After that we headed south back towards Port Angeles and it was here that the big show began. We came across a humpback that was feeling very playful and it began to play around the boat for what seemed like forever. Rolling over and circling us like a shark stalking prey. It was very interesting and super awesome to see. After that we returned home with the smell of success in the air as we tied back up to the docks.

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