Humpback playtime!!!

Port Angeles      Pm

2 different humpbacks
A lot of Steller and California sea lions
Beautiful weather
A bunch of harbor porpoise

Naturalist log:

This afternoons trip started with a nice slow cruise out of the harbor. The sun was beating down and it had begun getting quite hot. The cool sea air was a well enjoyed treat as the boat picked up speed. It wasn’t long before some boats helped reel us in to the whales they were with. Turned out to be the same whale we had “mugging” us in the morning. It was making its way east slowly and not doin much other than just slowly swimming. Soon the other boats headed off scene and the whales suddenly came alive. It moved right over toward us and in minutes was back to “mugging” the boat. From one side of the boat to the other it swam back and forth looking out occasionally to see the excitement on the people’s faces. It was an outstanding show but like all good things had to end. So with a deep dive the whale waved goodbye and we travelled west toward Race rocks. As we headed that way we found another humpback that afforded us a few great looks as well as a couple of fluke shots. Race rocks was covered in seals and sea lions, barking and fighting, and ultimately stinking. We had some great looks at some sparring and then headed back south toward home port. As we went we passed a lone Steller sea lion on the PA navigation buoy and then proceeded in under blue skies and on calm seas!!!! Absolutely perfect trip!!!

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