Orcas from Anacortes put on a show!


-Bald eagles
-Harbor seals
-Harbor porpoise
-Steller sea lions

We headed north on our journey today. We cruised by Puffin Island and found a mature bald eagle perched on a marker. There were also several harbor seals hauled out on the rocks. We spotted several harbor porpoise throughout our trip too! We made our way up to Point Roberts where we found some orcas coming our way! We ended up hanging out with K and L pod orcas: L72 (Racer), L105 (Fluke), K20 (Spock), K38 (Comet), K25 (Scoter), L92 (Crewser), K27 (Deadhead), K44 (Ripple), L90 (Ballena), L47 (Marina), L91 (Muncher), L122 (the second youngest orca in this population!), L82 (Kasatka), L103 (Lapis), L123 (the newest orca!) and L55 (Nugget). We had some close passes, multiple breaches, tail lobs and even a spyhop! We had a lot of quality time with the animals before we had to head home. We slowed down along Clements Reef to see a few Steller sea lions and numerous harbor seals. We also saw another mature bald eagle on Ewing Island! We cruised home with sunshine and calmer waters.

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