Superpod orcas on both trips from Anacortes!

-Minke whale
-Harbor porpoise
-Superpod Orcas
-Harbor seals

We left on a beautiful morning trip and headed toward Rosario Strait. We spotted our first whale of the day at the south end of Rosario Strait. It was a minke, and he sure was stinky! We had a couple of great looks at him before we continued south on our search. We cruised on and found orcas on Hein Bank! We were surrounded by animals! They were everywhere! We had members of all three pods present! We hung out with K20 (Spock), K27 (Deadhead), K44 (Ripple), J19 (Shachi), J41 (Eclipse) and J51(Nova) and L87 (Oynx). There were lots of activities going on around us: breaches, spyhops, tail lobs, possible mating activities. K20 (Spock) gave us the best breach of the day – so close to the boat! We spent a lot of quality time with them before we had to head back toward home port. We slowed down through the south end of Lopez Island and Castle Rock where we spotted harbor seals, black oystercatchers and marbled murrelets! We cruised home under beautiful sunny skies and flat calm waters.

-Bald eagle
-Harbor porpoise
-Superpod orcas
-Animals of Spieden Island

We left on our trip and headed out to Rosario Strait. We saw harbor porpoise enjoying the current lines as we cruised past. We cruised through the inner islands, down Upright Channel, up San Juan Channel, through Spieden Channel. We spotted a mature bald eagle flying across our stern and several harbor porpoise. It was as we headed down Haro Strait that we found our orca buddies! We had members of all three pods present: L87 (Oynx), K20 (Spock), K38 (Comet), K25 (Scoter), K22 (Sekiu), K33 (Tika), K37 (Rainshadow), K43 (Saturna), K13 (Skagit), L83 (Kasatka), L116 (Finn), L103 (Lapis), L123 (newest SRKW!), L92 (Crewser), L92 (Muncher), L122 (next newest little one!) – more IDs to come! They were tightly grouped and headed northbound along the Henry Island shoreline. What a beautiful backdrop! We hung out with them as they cruised to the north. It was simply picturesque, flat calm waters, beautiful evening light, a huge amount of orcas popping up at close range! It was incredible. After spending some quality time with the animals, we had to head back toward home port. We cruised the Spieden Island shoreline and spotted all the exotic species, mouflon deer, fallow deer and sika deer! We continued home and enjoyed a beautiful sunset! 

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