Minke Whales in the Flat Calm

Anacortes pm:
*4 minke whales
*Steller sea lions
*Harbor seals and harbor porpoise
*Red-necked phalaropes

The seas were amazingly calm for our entire trip this afternoon.  We had our first major wildlife sighting at Hein Bank where Capt. Carl spotted a couple of minke whales.  They were spending a lot of time under the water and it took a while to dial them in.  Patience paid off like it usually does with minke whales.  Eventually we got plenty of great views of the whales and at one point we had one on either side of the boat, and occasionally they would pop up right next to us while we sat idle watching.  After plenty of time watching, what turned out to be 3 whales, we aimed toward Whale Rocks.  Along the way Carl spotted another minke whale so we stopped to take a look at this one.  Next we cruised over toward Whale Rocks to spend some time with a bunch of Steller sea lions as they wattled around, and growled and goaned at each other.  Some of them didn’t even lift their heads up as they slept away, but others were very active.  Our trip back to the dock was filled with amazing sunset views with glassy calm water at our stern.  Naturalist Bart Rulon

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