Humpback in the morning out of Anacortes!

-Bald eagle
-Harbor seals
-Harbor porpoise
-Steller sea lion
-Humpback BCZ0298 “Split Fin”
-Turkey vultures

We left on a most gorgeous morning and headed out toward the Strait of Juan de Fuca. At Davidson Rock, we spotted a mature bald eagle perched on the marker. We also slid by Colville Island and spotted several harbor seals hauled out. We continued to the west and spotted harbor porpoise and even a Steller sea lion.. We pushed all the way toward Canada and found our good buddy humpback BCZ0298, also known as Split Fin. Our humpback surfaced many times with pretty short dive times on average. We had some great looks and spent some quality time with him before we had to head back toward homeport. We stopped off at Hein Bank and tried to get a couple of glimpses of some elusive minke whales, whereas we didnt really see them, but we got a great experience of smelling those stinky minkes. On our way home we snuck behind Castle Rock, along the Lopez Island shoreline. We spotted several turkey vultures and even an immature bald eagle! Another gorgeous morning on the water! 

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