J and K Pod morning and…Transient Orcas pay us an epic visit in the evening!

AM Highlights
-Beautiful run through the San Juan Islands
-Orcas along Stuart Island

Our weather this week has been amazing, and today was no exception. We had a little bit of fog to deal with early, but busted through quickly to enjoy lots of sunshine and whales! We slowed at Willow Island, where we saw harbor seals. Along Spieden Island we saw Fallow Deer. Soon after, we were on scene with killer whales! Some J and K Pod animals were traveling to the north while resting. We had great looks at J27 Blackberry, and the J16’s including both new calves. They were lined up with Mt Baker and the Turn Point Lighthouse very nicely as well! We saw lots of tail-lobs, and even a breach at the end!

PM Highlights
-Seals and eagles
-Transient Orcas hunting
-Tufted Puffins at Smith Island
-A ride under the Deception Pass Bridge

We had a great trip this evening! We traveled south, as another boat had picked up some killer whales near Hein Bank. This was the T37A’s-a mom and her three young calves. They were moving quickly to the east when they suddenly stopped and circled some prey and the hunt was on! We never saw what they were after, but their hunt was awesome to watch! They came closer and closer to our boat until they were literally right under us, as we drifted with the engines off! It was incredible! All four animals popped up right at the stern and blew whale snot all over us! We could see them swimming under the surface and our guests were thrilled! Amazing-what a grand finale it was! After this great show we traveled to the Deception Pass Bridge where Capt. Scott took us under the bridge for a rock and roller coaster ride in max current! What a night!

-Michael Colahan

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