Breaching K25! Both types of orcas out of Anacortes!

10AM Highlights
-Harbor seals
-Harbor porpoise
-Bald eagles
We left on what turned out to be a most beautiful day on the water. We took a turn to the south and slowed down along the Bird Rocks shoreline where we spotted several harbor seals hauled out. We trekked all the way into Canada to hang out with some orcas! It turned out to be one of our favorite groups of marine mammal eating orcas: the T65As (T65A, T65A2, T65A3, T65A4 and T65A5)! T65A2 and T65A4 were splashing around and playing with each other. We saw a couple of spyhops and a few tail lobs. We hung out with them as they passed the Trial Island Lighthouse. Eventually, we had to turn back toward homeport. On our way home, we spotted several harbor porpoise. As we passed through the south end of Lopez Island, we spotted a mature and an immature bald eagle. We also spotted a harbor seal swimming in the water. We cruised home after just a beautiful day on the water!
-Steller sea lion
-Harbor seals
-Bald eagle
-K pod orcas
-K25 (Scoter) steals the show!
-Steller sea lions

We left on our evening trip and slowed down along the Bird Rocks shoreline. Sharp-eyed Captain Scott found us a Steller sea lion hauled out, several harbor seals and even a mature bald eagle! We made our way to the west side of San Juan Island where we came across K pod who had made it in from the west! We hung out with a lot of different animals, but it was K25 (Scoter) that stole the show! He breached right next to the boat! Then he breached again a couple minutes later! And then again! It was amazing to see his huge body leaping from the water so effortlessly! Eventually, we had to head off toward homeport, but not before we checked out Whale Rocks. We found several Steller sea lions hauled out on the rocks and so many black oystercatchers! We cruised through the south end of Lopez Island and Castle Rock. We also spotted harlequin ducks, a few more harbor seals and a turkey vulture! We had a beautiful sunset on the way home.
More photos to come!

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