T10 Orca family saves the day!

Port Angeles.

*Trial Island and lighthouse
*Transient Orcas near Victoria, B.C.
*Orcas identified as T10 family group

(photo credit: Lee Leddy)

Trip Log:
After some looks at Port Angeles and the landmarks along Ediz Hook, we entered the open waters of the Juan de Fuca Strait. We were greeted with the morning marine layer, but that did not detour our search. Our eyes were focused out on the water looking for signs of whales, while our noses were on alert hoping to smell the stinky whale breath. We searched some of the shallow water areas such as “31-36”, “Rock Pile” and the southern end of “Hein Bank”. While exploring Hein Bank, a call came over the radio. Orcas had been spotted near Vancouver Island. We made the turn and headed west. As we neared Victoria, B.C., the marine layer began burning off and blue skies greeted us. We caught up with the Orcas just west of Victoria Harbor. So close we could see the “Welcome to Victoria” sign. We watched as the Orcas passed the Victoria Harbor and continued traveling eastbound. The Orcas were identified as the family group T10, which consists of mama (T10), and two sons (T10B and T10C). The tall dorsal fins of the sons made it very easy to keep track of the Orcas. We enjoyed the Orcas as they traveled all the way to Trial Island, where we could see the bright white lighthouse. Eventually, it was time to make the crossing back to Port Angeles.

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