KPod Orcas on both trips!


AM Highlights

KPod breaching
Avoiding the fog all day long
Spieden Island

Capt. Carl took us on an awesome trip this morning from Anacortes! We knew that KPod orcas had made their way from the Frasier River in Canada back down to the south, so we started the day with killer whales on the brain! A good portion of the region was buried in pea-soup fog though, and soon the whales were in the thick stuff. We had word from other boats that they had lost the whales in the fog, so Carl chose a route for us that was sunshine all day! We saw porpoise and seals along the way, and enjoyed a beautiful day on the water. When we arrived on scene with the whales, the fog was quickly getting blown out, and our visit was awesome! Our time was spent with the K13’s today. We saw plenty of breaches and spy-hops! K20 Spock and K38 Comet were foraging right next to the boat, and K34 Cali breached several times!

PM Highlights
KPod Orcas erupt next to the boat!
We find a humpback whale!
Steller sea lions, seals, and eagles at Whale Rocks

Skagit and the K13’s were amazing again tonight! We first ran through the San Juan Islands, and Scott found us a humpback whale in Griffin Bay! This whale was traveling fast toward the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We had some nice views and then moved on for more. Not long after cruising into the Strait, we encountered KPod Orcas again!The K13’s were grouped up and passed right by the boat. After they passed K13 Skagit decide to breach right next to us! We saw a lot of breaches tonight and several  cartwheels as well. After leaving, Scott slowed along Whale Rocks, Long Island, and Castle Rock, where we saw Steller sea lions, harbor seals, bald eagles, and many black oystercatchers.  What a day!

-Michael Colahan

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