Westbound Orcas in AM/Breaching Humpback in PM

Port Angeles

AM Trip

Outbound Residents including the L77 Matriline
L25 Ocean Sun
BCZ0298 Split Fin and companion
Stitch and companion

    Clear skies and calm water started our day as we ventured forth.Harbor seal moms and pups occasionally peeked out from the harbor waters as some were hauled out on the log rafts.Common Murres, Rhinocerous Auklets, Heermans and glaucous winged gulls feasted on bait fish. Rounding Ediz Hook we headed in a northwest direction as reports of outgoing orcas were received. We caught up to them just past Race Rocks  as they spread out in fishing formation as they traveled. We could see many orcas as they surfaced in the distance and the occasional breach and tail slap broke the silence. We watched as whale after whale went by and eventually L77 Matia and her family came by fairly close and we could see L94 Calypso and her son L121 Windsong traveling and cavorting about. Windsong just had to breach being the youngster that he is. L41 Mega along with L119 Joy were seen as was L25 Ocean Sun ,matriarch of the L pod.
   Time flies and we soon had to leave the orcas and we made our way over to Race Rocks. Under the beautiful lighthouse seabirds rested on the rock. California and Steller Sea Lions sparred with one another. Passing through Race Rocks we encountered about 7-8 Humpback whales. One pairing was Stitch and an unknown whale. BCZ0298 Split Fin had a new friend. They were all constantly changing directions as they fed in the rip currents. Some beautiful tails raised help us to ID some of the whales, Time once again slipped away and we found ourselves headed for home.
Naturalist- Lee

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