T65As (Orcas) out of Anacortes both morning and evening trips!

10AM Highlights
-Harbor porpoise
-Bald eagle 
-T65A family group of orcas
-Harbor seals

We left on what turned out to be a most beautiful day on the water. We spotted harbor porpoise in Rosario Strait as we transited to Thatcher Pass. We headed through the inner islands. On Orcas Island, we spotted a mature bald eagle perched in a snag. As we approached the northeast side of San Juan Island, we came in contact with some orcas! It turned out to be one of our favorite groups of marine mammal eating orcas: the T65As (T65A, T65A2, T65A3, T65A4 and T65A5)! They were grouped up along the shoreline and continued traveling south. We stayed with them as they maintained a rhythmic breathing sequence. We followed them all the way to Friday Harbor; they actually went into Friday Harbor! We left them as we headed back toward homeport. At Leo Reef, we stopped off to see some harbor seals hauled out. We cruised home under beautiful sunny skies and warm temperatures! 

-Bald Eagle
-Harbor seals
-Turkey vultures
We left on our evening trip and headed south down Rosario Strait. We made our way to the Strait of Juan de Fuca and it wasn’t long before we found some orcas! It was the T65A family group (T65A, T65A2, T65A3, T65A4 and T65A5)! They were grouped up and headed south out of Cattle Pass. They maintained a rhythmic breathing sequence as they progressed south. At one point, T65A2 broke off from the rest of the family group and ended up popping up right off the stern of the boat! We watched as they grouped back up again and continued to the south. We took a turn to the north and made our way back to the south end of Lopez Island where we spotted several harbor seals hauled out, a mature bald eagle and a couple of turkey vultures. We were treated to a nice sunset on the way home. Another gorgeous evening on the water! 

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