Epic superpod of Transient Killer Whales!


AM and PM Highlights

Transient Orcas killing porpoise and socializing like crazy!
Harbor seals and porpoise
Stellar sea lions
Sunshine and calm seas

What a day we had from Anacortes, with amazing looks at several families of killer whales! On the morning tour, we saw the T65A family traveling with the T46 family.  These ten orcas thrilled us as they went on a hunt in the Strait of Georgia that left us in awe of their strength and power! At one point both T65A and T122 knocked a harbor porpoise into the air as we cheered! Sweet! T46 grabbed of remains of the ex-porpoise and passed right by the boat with it! WoW!

On the evening trip we went right back up to the same location and the whales were still there. This time they were joined by even more killer whales including the T18s, and T37, 37B, and 37B1. These animals were grouped up in an amazing orca superpod, as they swam all over each other and enjoyed each others company. We had so many orcas right near us, it was awesome! T46, 46F and T65A2 passed right by our stern. A highlight as well was watching the huge dorsal fin of T19B. This 21 year old male is a brute!

Both trips were great today, can’t wait for tomorrow!

-Michael Colahan

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