We save the day! Orcas from Anacortes!


-Orcas in our backyard!
-Harbor seals
-More orcas!

We left the marina and headed out on the search. One of our customers approached us, saying they were fairly sure they had spotted orcas under the Deception Pass Bridge this morning. They had walked across it before coming to check in for their tour. The crew was on high alert and about five minutes later, we had orcas in our sights! It was some Bigg’s killer whales: T35, the T36s (T36, T36B, T36B1 and T36B2) and the T99s (T99, T99B, T99C and T99D). They were cruising north in Rosario Strait. We hung out with them for quite some time and they even passed by at close range! As the animals cruised north, we actually took that time to stop off at Pointer Island and found some harbor seals hauled out. We continued on our search, which took us through Thatcher Pass through Harney Channel to Upright Channel. As we made our way into Upright Channel, we had more orcas in our sights! It was more Bigg’s killer whales: T18, T19, T19B and T19C! They were cruising along the Shaw Island shoreline. We hung out with them as they continued north. The first group of orcas had actually traveled the same path we had and were in Harney Channel. So, we turned and caught up with them again. As we did, the T36Bs broke off from the rest of the group and began hunting along the rocks of Leo Reef! It was intense and the harbor seals were on high alert! Then the T18s continued our way too, so we caught more glimpses of them before we headed back toward home port after a spending the whole day with orcas in our backyard! Also, on a day that was calling for rain, the sun was out all day! What an incredible day in the Salish Sea!

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