Orcas in the morning! Humpbacks everywhere in the evening!


-harbor porpoise
-harbor seals
-bald eagles 

We left on our morning trip and spotted numerous harbor porpoise through Guemes Channel and Bellingham Channel. We cruised to the north and slowed down through Peapod Rocks. At Peapod Rocks we spotted several harbor seals and two mature bald eagles. We continued along the north shore of Orcas Island and when we got to Waldron Island, we found orcas! It was the T36As (T36A, T36A1, T36A2 and T36A3) and the T75Bs (T75B, T75B1 and T75B2). We watched as the continued north and it looked like they began to engage in some hunting behaviors. We saw a spy hop and some splashing. They were darting in all different directions. We spent some quality time with them before we had to move back toward home port. We found a mature bald eagle and several harbor seals on  Skipjack Island. We continued home and found another mature bald eagle on Jack Island. What a beautiful morning on the water!

-Harbor porpoise
-Humpbacks in the Strait of Juan de Fuca
-Beautiful sunset 

We headed off toward the south on our trip this evening. Our sharp-eyed passenger spotted several harbor porpoise swimming in the current lines. We made our way out in the middle of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We hung out with about 10 animals throughout the night! They were everywhere! We were able to identify BCZ0298, MMZ0004 and MMY0006. One of the animals even breached at close range! It was incredible to see that enormous animal jump out of the water, like it was nothing! We spent a lot of quality time with the animals and had a difficult time leaving because they were popping up everywhere. Eventually, we had to head back home after a glorious night full of humpback whales! 

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