Humpbacks Everywhere both AM and PM Trip

Port Angeles

AM Trip
Harbor Seals
Harbor Porpoise
MMX0006 and friend
BCZ0298 Split Fin
Harbor Pilots at work


    Today was a gorgeous day. The wind had died down and the sun was out. The Harbor Seals had hauled out on the log rafts to get any sunshine they could. The Pilot boat was busy today keeping up with all the tankers coming and going Small bait balls got the gulls in a frenzy.We headed out to a spot that was a favorite haunt of some of our whales. Harbor Porpoise surfaced here and there as we traveled in a northwesterly direction.
   With calm seas it wasn’t long before our first exhalations could be seen in the distance. We could see pairs of Humpback whales feeding in pairs  and some just by themselves. We chose a pair and it soon became obvious as they all turned and zigged and zagged that we would be looking at more than  the one pair. Flukes were being raised with amazing regularity as the whlaes fed in the krill and bait fish.MMX0006 and an unknown friend were close by. A newer whale we are calling Tulip was also feeding with an unknown friend. BCZ0298 also known as Split Fin surfaced right near the boat. So many whales  …what a sight. Many close passes on either side of our boat kept us  moving from one side to the other.  With all these whales to chose from we were kept busy all morning checking out group after group of humpbacks with plenty of fluke action and numerous close passes by the whales. It was an astounding morning with time to enjoy the whales  turning off the engines so we could listen to their exhalations. Tine seemed to pass quickly as we watched these gentle giants  feasting in our waters and before we knew it , it was time to say good bye and head for Port Angeles’

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