Orcas from Anacortes!

Anacortes AM

-L and J Pod near Patos Island
-Steller sea lions and seals at Clements Reef

We had an amazing trip this morning and caught up with orcas going ballistic in strong currents as they entered Boundary Pass! We saw all kinds of behaviors, including breaches, spy-hops, tail-lobs and cartwheels! The orcas energy seemed endless, as they thrilled us with great looks! We had a great look at two mature males up close, Crewser and Onyx. Sachi was the star of the show, as she breached right next to the boat several times! I tell you what, this orca looks pregnant to me, let’s hope so! We finished up our visit with nice looks at Muncher and her young calf. Awesome!

PM Highlights

-We find Orcas!
-Bald eagle and seals on Willow Island
-Calm Seas!

We were back on the water in no time after the morning trip, and headed down to the Strait of Juan de Fuca to try and catch up with J and LPod again. The winds were really kicking up to the south, and the report we got from other boats was that of a very bumpy tour ahead! We teach and recommend that our guests always be on the search for animals, as critters can pop up anywhere at anytime. Well, we had some astute students tonight, as several of our guests spotted orcas for us along the west side of Lopez Island, in flat-calm waters! We quickly ID’d this family as the T137 family, easily one of my favorite groups. We spent over an hour and a half with these killer whales, and Scott had them lined up in very nice lighting throughout. Mt. Baker came out from behind the cloud cover, and we all were grateful to see orcas in beautiful conditions tonight!

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