Minke and Humpback morning! Orca Evening!



-Harbor porpoise
-Harbor seals
-Feeding minke whales
-Three humpbacks
-Harbor porpoise

We left our dock this morning under a high marine layer which quickly burned off as we progressed to the west. We spotted several harbor porpoise in Rosario Strait. At the south side of Colville Island, we found many harbor seals hauled out. We headed out toward Canada and found three minke whales feeding on Hein Bank! They were taking out the bait balls and swimming in circles around the bank. We continued south toward the Olympic Peninsula. Captain Carl found us another species of whale: a humpback! Our humpback friend was heading our way and continued toward the east. We had some great looks at this animal as he passed by. As we departed to continue the search to the east, we saw a huge breach! It was another couple of humpbacks! These ones turned out to be our good friends: BCY0160 (Heather) and BCZ0298 (Split Fin)! They gave us some great looks as they came over to say hi! We eventually had to head back toward home port. We spotted more harbor porpoise on our way home! 

-Harbor porpoise
-J pod orcas
-Bald eagles

We headed out on our evening trip and found numerous harbor seals in Guemes Channel and Rosario Strait. We took a turn to the south and headed toward the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We made our way to the west side of San Juan Island where we found some orcas! These orcas had made their way in from far out to the west! We spend most of our time with J pod orcas: J2 (Granny), J28 (Polaris), J46 (Star), J54 and honorary J pod whale, L87 (Oynx). In fact, J28 brought her two kiddos right by the boat! We watched as they breached and tail lobbed and spy hopped multiple times! Eventually we had to turn to head back toward home port, but we went a completely different way home. We passed by Battleship Island and found two mature bald eagles: one perched in a tree and one on the National Wildlife Refuge sign. We cruised home through the inner islands and enjoyed the beautiful evening light as the sun continued to sink below the horizon. 

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