Big Mama, Poptart and incoming Resident Orcas in AM/ J & LPod in PM


AM Trip
 BCY0324 Big Mama and Poptart
Incoming J Pod

    A beautiful day greeted us  with blue skies and calm waters. A Great Blue Heron entertained the guests as we waited to depart. Entering the harbor we checked out the harbor seals hauled out onto the log rafts enjoying the morning sun. Rhinocerous Auklets and common Murres were flaoting throughout the harbor while glaucous winged gulls and heerman’s gulls wheeled about. A bait ball had formed with the birds diving into it and as we approached a harbor seal surfaced below the bait ball.
     Freighter traffic was aplenty as we headed out into the Straits of Juan de Fuca keeping the pilot boat busy. We headed north as reports of incoming resident orcas was trickling down through the radios. Harbor porpoise appeared suddenly across the flat come waters and disappeared just as quick. A sharp eyed passenger was the first to find a whale and it turned out to be  two humpback whales.As the two surfaced and fed, diving and showing their tails it became obvious that it was none other than BCY0324 Big Mama and her calf Poptart. We spent as much time as we could with them before heading off to intercept the orcas.
     We caught up to them a few miles east of Race Rocks and found them spread out and scattered over a large area. They seemed to be moving at a good pace with the San Juans in mind.  We were treated to seeing one of the older calves J51 Nova and his mom J41 Eclipse. J19 Shachi  Nova’s grandmother was close by. we also saw a few of the J14’s including J40 Suttles. Many of the big males were inside hugging the coast line.A breach ,some tail slaps and a few pec slaps completed the day. Eventually we had to turn our sights back to home and say good bye to the J pod after a wonderful morning.
Naturalist – Lee

PM Trip

Check back soon for trip log

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