Humpbacks in the AM/ New cow /calf pair in PM

Port Angeles

AM Trip
BCZ0298 Split Fin
BCY0180 Heather
unidentified pair of Humpbacks

   Clouds on the Olympics and dark clouds over Victoria as we started our days journey yet the rainshadow let us have blue skies in the straits of Juan de Fuca. Sea birds Speckled the harbor as we left with harbor seals hauled on the log rafts trying to stay warm. Ediz Hook was alive with glaucous winged and Heerman’s gulls. We made our way out into the strait sand it was’t long before our first whale was spotted. It turned out to be our old friend  10 year old BCZ0298 Split Fin. We watched him as he took long slow dives seeming to be in a traveling mode. After a while we moved on to our next whale who happened to be BCY 0160 13 year old Heather, sister to Split Fin. we  enjoyed her company as she fed not far from her brother. With more whale watch boats heading our way we decided to find a few more whales and this time found a pair of unidentified humpbacks feeding. We spent the rest of our morning with these two before we had to head back to port.
Naturalist – Lee

Port Angeles
PM Trip

new humpback cow/calf pair

     The rain that had threatened all day didn’t materialize but the wind had kicked up.Our hardy band of whale watchers were ready to brave the elements. We had a look at the harbor seals hauled out on the logs near the marina entrance and checked out some big tankers anchored in the harbor. With the wind  whipping some white caps onto the waves we started off in an easterly direction with a report of some surface active whales near Romeo Buoy. Shortly after  another call came in this time with a breaching whale alot closer but towards the west. As we turned into the waves everyone was on the lookout and an eagle eyed passenger spotted a sea lion eating  a fish  trying to keep the gulls from stealing it.With reports of Big Mama and Poptart breaching  we hoped we would get there in time . Things had settled down wen we arrived and we waited for the whales to show. To our surprise Big Mama was not there but it looked like a young calf. When the 2nd whale surfaced it was definitely not Big Mama and  the few fluke shots gave us a tentative ID of BCX0870 … a whale we haven’t seen this year and with an obvious calf at her side. Pictures will be sent off to researchers for positive confirmation but  a 2nd calf in the strait of Juan de Fuca is extremely exciting. If that wasn’t enough the calf entertained us the whole time  we were with him with breach after breach and some chin slaps. Mom even got into it once with a huge caudal peduncle throw. They were slowly heading in a westerly direction. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed watching the antics of this little guy and we marveled at his boundless energy. Time flew by and eventually our time with these two had to come to an end. We said our good byes and made our way back to port still dazzled by the spectacle of a new generation of humpback whale carefree and enjoying life.
Naturalist – Lee

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