Humpbacks and Minkes in the morning…and Orcas in the evening


AM Highlights

We traveled south into the Strait of Juan de Fuca on our morning tour to search for whales. Cruising along Colville Island we spotted dozens of harbor seals hauled out on the rocks with the low, low tide. We continued west toward Canada and caught up with some humpback  whales! One of the whales we saw was Splitfin, a familiar humpback for us. We also spent a lot of time with another humpback whale that came close to our boat. On our way home Capt. Carl spotted three minkes as they were circling a bait ball! They dove through the forage fish and devolve red their lunch as the birds scattered.We also slowed down and enjoyed the beauty of the south end of Lopez Island on our way home.

PM Trip

For the afternoon tour, we traveled in a totally different direction. We cruised far to the north into Canada. We had a long run, but it was sure worth it for orcas! We caught up with the T65A family along Galiano Island, as they pushed offshore in to the Strait of Georgia. The weather was fantastic, with glass-calm seas, and the sun streaming through very cool cloud formations. We watched the killer whales for over 40 minutes as they swam together. We were lucky to pick them up in such great conditions! We saw dozens of harbor porpoise and quite a few seals along the way as well. A beautiful sunset capped off our evening trip!

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