Humpbacks and the Fin whale!


AM and PM Highlights
Humpbacks fluke side by side
Fin Whale!

We traveled south into the Strait of Juan de Fuca on both trips and had a great visit with some humpback whales and the fin whale! We had big sea swells to work with so we enjoyed watching these huge animals surface in and out of the big rollers. One of the humpback whales was BCX1057, and she was traveling side-by-side with another humpback on both tours. The highlight on both trips, though, was spending a lot of time with the Fin whale that has been visiting the Salish Sea for the past month! This is a huge animal, and we were in awe of this beast on every deep dive, as it’s long, sleek form glided through the swells. It seemed like the roll of the back of this whale just got bigger and bigger every time we saw it, what an amazing sight! I’ll have pictures from both trips up soon!

-Michael Colahan

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