Doubleheader in the swells in AM/Humpback across the Straits in Pm


9:30 AM Trip


 Harbor Seals
Humpbacks in sea swells
Finback Whale
BCX1057 Divot and friend

    The sun was warm as we started off our day. We eased into the harbor checking out the lumber loaded onto a ship getting ready to head overseas.Harbor Seals were splashing in the shallows at Ediz Hook as small fishing boats clustered around the hook in hopes of catching a salmon. We headed off to our northwest into sea swells giving us a roller coaster of a ride. Not long into our journey we found a humpback near the victor foxtrott buoy and tried to keep pace with this fast moving humpback in a speed travel mode. The swells made it challenging but we had some great looks as he plowed through the surf exposing his rostrum and even once visible coming up through the wave underwater. We saw other exhalations  around us and eventually checked some of them out. We got a chance to spend some time with BCX1057 Divot and her new unidentified companion. Reports came in of the finback whale a few miles to our east so we decided that we would venture that way putting the swells at our stern.  When we arrived where the finback was we found a lot of  humpbacks there as well. We finally found the finback amongst all the humpbacks and got to see one of our rare visitors to the Salish Sea. before heading back to port we spent some more time with a few  other humpbacks in the area. Our guests braved the amazing sea swells and were rewarded with many humpbacks and the rare sight of the second largest whale in the world – the finback .
Naturalist -Lee


3:30 PM Trip


Humpbacks from Beechy Head across the straits
BCX 1193 Zig Zag
BCX1215 Orion
Race Rocks Lighthouse
Stellar Sea Lions

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