Humpbacks in AM/Orcas and Humpbacks in PM


9:30 AM trip
MMZ0004 kelping
BCX1057 Divot with  a friend
Race Rocks and Stellar and California Sea Lions

    What a gorgeous morning we had to start off our day. Blue skies sparkled on glassy water as we made our way out of the harbor passing the harbor seals hauled out on the log rafts.Our first whale was spotted by a passenger not long into our journey. Humpback number one turned out to be  our old friend MMZ0004. He amused us as he surfaced with kelp draped all over him and his tail. Some breaching in the distance caught the captains eye and we were off to inspect the next pair of Humpbacks. We found BCX1057 Divot and a friend but the breaching stopped when we got there. We had some great looks at tail flukes. More exhalations were seen not far off . As the down times were a little long today we had time to check out more whales finding MMX0006 and even a stellar sea lion popped up next to the boat. Being fairly close to Race Rocks we decided to take a break from our whales and check out  our pinniped friends..Race rocks  as always is a fun place to inspect with a beautiful lighthouse and lots of wildlife.We got to see Stellar Sea Lions  vying for spots on the rocks in a display of male dominance and California sea lions warming up on the rocks. More harbor seals dotted the lower rocks. Red necked phalaropes  landed next to the boat amazingly small for a bird with such a long migration. When we headed back across the straits more Humpbacks were spotted and we checked out a few more  that remain with unknown identities. All in all  it was a lovely day to be out on the water seeing at least 10 individual Humpbacks with a beautiful close passing by one  on our way home, We could see his whole body as he rose to the surface  to exhale. Incredible views of these giants of the sea
Naturalist – Lee

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