Great orca encounters on both trips!


-Harbor seals
-Minke whales feeding on Hein Bank
-Turkey vultures feeding

We left on our morning trip and spotted some harbor seals hauled out on Bird Rocks. We trekked south and made our way to the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We found multiple minke whales feeding on Hein Bank. But, we cruised past them as we headed to some orcas! We had perfect timing, we watched a Navy submarine come in from the open ocean, escorted by multiple support vessels! Right as they passed by, we had perfect timing, we were on scene with orcas! It ended up being our good buddies, the T65As (T65A, T65A2, T65A3, T65A4 and T65A5) and the T37As (T37A, T37A2, T37A3 and T37A4). They swam right by us, multiple times! It even looked like they had just eaten something! It was perfect timing! Eventually, we had to head back toward homeport. We cruised home and slowed down through south Lopez Island and Castle Rock. We spotted a couple turkey vultures feeding on Blind Island. What a great morning on the water!

-River otter
-Harbor porpoise
-Harbor seals
-Bald eagles

As we left the marina, we spotted a river otter hugging the breakwater. We found several harbor porpoise playing in the waters of Rosario Strait and Guemes Channel. At Bird Rocks, we found several harbor seals hauled out and a pair of bald eagles! we cruised south and eventually caught up with the group we had from the morning trip: the T65As (T65A, T65A2, T65A3, T65A4 and T65A5) and the T37As (T37A, T37A2, T37A3 and T37A4)! They were having an orca party! They were breaching, spy hopping, tail lobbing, chasing each other around! It was incredible! We spent a lot of quality time with them as they frolicked toward the east! We eventually had to head back toward homeport, but not before a quick slow down along Minor Island where we spotted several harbor seals hauled out, a couple of bald eagles, a surf scoter and numerous cormorants! Another beautiful evening on the Salish Sea!

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