Morning Humpback surprise in Rosario Strait, and Orca Afternoon!!!

Anacortes am
Trip highlights:
* We find 5 humpbacks in Rosario Strait
*Lots of humpback whale interactions
*harbor seals, and harbor porpoise

One of our passengers ended up being the hero for the entire whale watching fleet today!  That’s why we always tell people what to look for in case they see something we don’t see!  Bob, spotted the first blow just west of Bird Rocks.  It turned out we had 5 humpback whales all swimming together!  They were swimming very close together and seemed to be rolling around at times with each other.  Occasionally we spotted a whale on its side raising its pectoral fins and tail flukes in the air!  The highlight of the trip happened after the whales took a long dive and decided they wanted to change directions underwater and swim under the boat!  They surfaced right next to us one after the other, after the other!  Wow!  After a great visit with the whales we peeled off and found some harbor seals at Pointer Island and then we decided to check out Deception Pass Bridge.  After going under the bridge we headed back out toward Lopez Island, and Capt. Scott spotted our 6th whale of the day!  We spent about 15 minutes with this whale before aiming back towards the dock

Anacortes pm
Trip highlights:
*T65A transient killer whales near Partridge Bank
*A minke whale
*harbor seals, and harbor porpoise

We started out our afternoon trip thinking we would try to track down the humpback whales we spotted in the morning, but they had scattered, and we got a call that our friends from Edmonds had spotted a transient killer whale pod exiting Puget Sound.  It was the T65A pod including 5 killer whales!  When we arrived they were approaching Partridge Bank, and they were grouped up for almost the entire time we watched them!  Capt. Scott often had them perfectly lined up with Mount Baker in the background!   Surpisingly a minke whale surfaced right in front of them on one occasion, and we also spotted a humpback whale blow nearby, but the humpback dissappeared pretty quickly.  Other wildlife we spotted today included harbor seals, harbor porpoise, and spiny dogfish feeding at a baitball.  What a great day!  Naturalist, Bart Rulon

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