Humpback whales all day!

Trip highlights:
*7-10 humpback whales
*Harbor seals

We headed all the way out to the Rock Pile off Port Angeles today to get whales!  It was a bunch of humpback whales spread out over quite a distance.  Capt Mike chose to start out with a group of two whales swimming together that quickly turned into 4 whales once a couple more joined in!  BCX1068, Split Fluke, was one of the whales in this group.  We spent the rest of our time with this foursome and they showed us their tail flukes on multiple occasions, often one right after another, but a couple times they even did some relatively synchronized tail fluking!!  As we watched this group we also saw other blows and tail flukes in the distance in all directions!  We also spotted harbor seals at Colville Island early in the trip.

Trip highlights:
*7-10 humpback whales
*Harbor seals
*Bald eagles
*Harbor porpoise

We headed out to the same area as the morning trip in order to watch a significant pod of humpback whales this afternoon.  Capt. Scott spotted the first blows and we spent plenty of time watching tail flukes raised into the air.  We even saw a few cartwheels from these big whales in the early going!  We must have seen 6-8 humpbacks either up close or in the distance.  At the end of our trip we spent ample time watching two whales, likely a mom and juvenile, that spent lots of time at the surface for us.  Earlier in our trip we also spotted harbor seals, and a pair of bald eagles at Bird Rocks, and some harbor porpoise in Rosario Strait.  What a great day!  Naturalist Bart Rulon

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