Finback and Humpbacks Double Header in AM / Finback and Humpback Mugging in PM

Port Angeles

9:30 AM trip

Harbor Seals
close up views of large tankers
Finback Whale
Many unidentified humpback whales
BCX 1068 Split Fluke
BCY0324 Big Mama and Poptart
BCX0057 Niagara
BCXukKeta2015#2 Nike

 Today was a gorgeous day with plenty of sunshine and blue skies. We started off our trip with a great start seeing harbor seals hauled out on the raft logs  and many hauled out on the tip of Ediz Hook. We got some really close up looks at the tankers in the harbor. We headed out north of Port  Angeles and had some great views of hurricane ridge. It wasn’t long before we came across our first whales. Humpback whales feeding near some current lines. We had tons of time to spend with these whales so we checked out lots of groups of humpbacks as they were everywhere we looked. There were probably 20 or more whales in our vicinity.We had some amzing close up views as they passed by our boat over and over showing flukes time and again. With the show of those flukes we were abvle to ID BCY0324 Big Mama and her 2016 calf Poptart and her 10 year old grandson BCX1068 Split Fluke. There were two other  whales able to be identified ….BCX0057 Niagara born in 2000  and BCXukKeta2015#2 Nike. A wonderful day was spent with so many humpbacks we lost count. In the mix also appeared a rare visitor to our area one large Finback whale making it quite obvious the size differences between  him and the humpbacks. What a great double header we had. Eventually it was time to return home  and leave the whales to their lunch.
Naturalist – Lee

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