L pod orcas from Anacortes


-Harbor seals
-Harbor porpoise
-Steller sea lion
-L pod orcas having lunch
-more L pod orcas!

We left on our trip and began the search. We headed through Thatcher Pass to Willow Island where we spotted several harbor seals hauled out and a mature bald eagle perched in the tree. We continued south through Lopez Pass and made our way to the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We found a Steller sea lion barely holding on the his place on the green navigational mark. It turns out, he just didn’t want to relieve himself in the same place he was sitting. He eventually repositioned to what looked like a much more comfortable position. It wasn’t long after we left our Steller that we found orcas! We hung out with L22 (Spirit), L89 (Solstice) and a younger member of L pod. The younger whale stole the show! She was fishing right off the boat and even surfaced multiple times near us with the salmon visible in her mouth! Incredible! Eventually, we headed off in search of other animals! We found a couple of elusive minke whales on Hein Bank, but they weren’t very surface active, so we headed off. Then, Captain Scott found us more L pod orcas! They were surfacing quickly and headed in the wrong direction for us. We did spend some quality time with them before we headed back toward home port.

-Harbor seals
-Harbor porpoise
-Steller sea lion
-L pod orcas
-Bald eagle
-Black-tail deer

We headed down Rosario Strait to the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We spotted numerous harbor porpoise enjoying the current lines. We found some harbor seals hauled out on Bird Rocks and Colville Island We crossed Salmon Bank and spotted our little sea lion buddy still hanging out on the navigational marker. We pushed further to the north along the San Juan Island shoreline and found members of L pod! The first whales we spotted were L22 (Spirit) and her son L89 (Solstice). They appeared to be engaged in some fishing behavior. We heard there was another group further north, so we made our way to them! We definitely enjoyed some great looks at L25 (Ocean Sun) and other members of L pod! Eventually, we had to head back to home port, but not before a beautiful little slow down through the south end of Lopez Island and Castle Rock. We found a bald eagle in flight, more harbor seals hauled out and a sharp-eyed passenger even spotted a black-tail deer on the hillside! We cruised home with a beautiful sunset at our backs!

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