Humpback and orcas out of Anacortes!


-Harbor seals
-Passengers find a new humpback in the area!
-More orcas
-Steller sea lion
-Bald eagle

We left on our evening trip and found some harbor porpoise swimming in the current lines. We slowed down at Bird Rocks and found numerous harbor seals hauled out, as well as some black oystercatchers. We continued alongside the south end of Lopez Island when our sharp-eyed upper deck found us our first whale of the day! It was a cooperative humpback whale! He surfaced numerous times and even fluked for us! We wanted to continue on the search, so we pushed further to the west and found some J pod orcas! We spent the majority of our time with playful little J50 (Scarlet)! She breached four times as we got on scene! Then she met up with her mom and older sister and they started booking it to the south! We also caught up with J26 (Mike). J26 led us to the group out whales that were a little further south! We found L pod animals! We watched as they all grouped up and displayed some playful activities! One of the big males breached and another was tail lobbing! Eventually, we had to head back toward home port! We stopped by a lazy little Steller sea lion hauled out on the Salmon Bank marker. We even had a chance to slide between Lopez Island and Castle Rock where we were treated to a mature bald eagle, more harbor seals and a most gorgeous sunset!

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