Humpbacks in the AM/Orcas and lunge feeding Humpbacks in the PM

Port Angeles

harbor seals
7-10 Humpbacks feeding
BCX1193 Zig Zag
MMY0006 Windy
Stellar sea lions and elephant seal at Race rocks
Sea otter

  We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. Blue skies and glassy water greeted us as we passed hauled out harbor seals and entered the Straits of Juan de Fuca. Seabirds  floated  upon the serene waters as we headed northeast in search of whales. We passed many a small harbor porpoise as we made our way across the straits and an ocassional seal popped its head out to check us out.
    Exhalations were soon spotted in the distance and before we knew it there were humpbacks everywhere we looked. Some fed close to the boat giving us close up views of the variety of flukes. We saw MMY0006 Windy with her sprinkling of white and BCX1193 with his huge black tail and 3 big white spots. Another unidentified whale showed us a very unique white tail with orca teeth rake marks on it.
    Leaving the whales to their lunch we headed off to check out Race Rocks and the lighthouse. Harbor seals and stellar sea lions were crowded onto the rocks warming up. An elephant seal was asleep on his back near the ramp and a sea otter was wrapped up in some of the kelp near. Pigeon Guillemots called and danced across the water in the swift currants. All to soon our trip was coming to an end but not the great memories we had made this beautiful morning.

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