Hein Bank Humpbacks!

Port Angeles

*Several Humpback Whales on the south end of Hein Bank
*A couple whales identified as MMY0006 “Windy” & BCX1193 “Zig Zag”
*MMY0006 “Windy” making tight circles near our boat
*Harbor Seals at the tip of Ediz Hook

(photo credit: Lee Leddy)

Trip Log:
Another Beautiful Summer Day in Port Angeles. As we entered the open waters of the Juan de Fuca Strait, Harbor Seals greeted us at the end of Ediz Hook. There were several hauled out along the shore and quite a few making a splash in the shoreline waters. What a great way to start our day.
With calm seas we ventured into the open waters, reaching Border Bank when we came across our first Humpback Whale of the day. This Humpback made lots of direction changes, but we were able to stay in a good view and even saw the beautiful flukes come up before its deep dive. While watching this Humpback, the captain received a call about more Humpbacks nearby. We said goodbye to the whale and headed east towards Hein Bank. As we reached the south end of Hein Bank, the exhalations appeared. Not just one humpback, but 5 were quickly noticed in the area. We noticed two whales were paired up, swimming side by side, so we headed over to them. It was beautiful to see them surfacing and fluking one after the other. One of the paired whales was identified as BCX1193 “ZigZag”- due to its unique spotting pattern on the underside of its flukes. We spent over an hour in the humpback haven, getting great views of at least 6 whales. One particularly great view was when MMY0006 “Windy” came over towards the boat. We put our engines in neutral to enjoy the sound of Windy breathing. Windy stayed closed to the boat, swimming in tight circles. Perhaps getting some good food. We figure there must be a lot of krill in the water as we came across some whale poop – and it was bright pink/red. It was tough to say goodbye to these amazing whales, but we eventually turned southward and headed back to Port Angeles.

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