JPod A Group in morning and JPod calves breach all night long on evening trip!


We had another set of great trips today from Anacortes, with killer whales and a ton of wildlife on both tours. On both tours the waters were calm and we had very nice sun breaks. We saw eagles, seals and harbor porpoise on both trips as well. In the morning we traveled past the Turn Point Lighthouse and into Canada to watch the J14’s and the J19’s cruise along the beautiful backdrop of Stuart Island. We had great looks at the young J51 and saw several breaches, including a great goodbye breach from J40.
In the evening we saw three Stellar Sea Lions on the Salmon Bank marker. We had an incredible encounter with the ‘Nursery School Gang’, the calves of the J16 and J17 sub-pods! All of the calves were surface active all night long, and we saw probably 50 breaches, both close and in the distance! WOW! The calves just kept going crazy, while the adults were foraging along the shoreline of San Juan Island. We love hanging out with these youngsters, as they exhibit a sense of what must be pure joy as they leap into the air! We were worn out watching all of the awesome action! What a day!

-Michael Colahan

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