Humpback Whales in PA and a Sea Otter in Canada

Port Angeles

*Humpback Whales at the North end of Rock Pile
*At least 5 Humpback whales in the area
*One whale identified as MMY0024
*Race Rocks Lighthouse 
*Steller Sea Lion, Harbor Seals, & Sea Otter

(photo credits: Lee Leddy)

Trip Log:
Our journey was blessed with wonderful weather luck. As the boat was getting ready, the drizzling rain seemed like it would continue all day, but just before it was time to welcome the passengers on board, the rain stopped and the sun began to shine. We were also blessed with flat calm waters out on the Juan de Fuca as we made our way towards the area known as the Rock Pile. At the north end of the Rock Pile, exhalations were spotted. It was a Humpback Whale. We quickly realized that multiple Humpback Whales were in the area. The whales seemed to be in a resting mood as they spent a lot of time at the surface – giving everyone ample time for photographs. Even in the resting mode, we were lucky enough to see several flukes. One fluke sighting helped us identify one of the whales as MMY0024. After almost 2 hours with the Humpback Whales, we said our goodbyes and traveled northward into Canada waters. We checked out a favorite wildlife spot called Race Rocks. The beautiful lighthouse and rocky islands were a great treat. On the rocks, a juvenile Bald Eagle was spotted perch along the top, while Harbor Seals and a Steller Sea Lion were hauled out enjoying the sun. Hidden among the kelp, a Sea Otter floated on its back. After passing through Race Rocks we headed south, keeping out eyes focused on the water in search of any other whales. Luck was on our side as we came to another Humpback Whale, this time by the navigational buoy, VF. We made our way back to Port Angeles just as the drizzle returned. What great luck

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